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I provide English language support for a wide variety of clients. I translate content from Swedish to English, edit existing content, and write original copy. I also do narrations for ads, films, and presentations, and hold one-on-one English language coaching.

I work with brands such as GANT, Stockholm Exergi and Skargaarden. Other clients include the Swedish Fortifications Agency and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, along with several agencies including Bold, Bellbird, Berntzon Bylund, Crosby, Donadoni, JKL, Make Your Mark, Number 10, and Smile.


Translation: websites, quarterly and annual reports, product descriptions, subtitles, policy documents and anything else that needs to make the jump from Swedish to English.

Original content: original copy, as well as product names and social media messaging.

Editing: tips, tweaks and suggestions to avoid our old friend Swenglish.

Tuition: language support for presentations, and conversational classes.   

Voiceovers: internal films, ads, events, and even mockumentaries. 

Journalism: as a former AFP and Radio Sweden journalist, I am able to provide professional journalistic support.



Original content




"I have worked with Nick together for several years on a variety of different communications and marketing projects. Nick is hard working, always flexible in finding a new approach and inspiring everyone with his positive approach. It was a real pleasure working with him and any company can only benefit from his skills."

Julia Weinhart

Group PR & Communications Manager