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I deliver original English content, edits, translations, and voice-overs for a wide variety of media and sectors.


From describing Cavotec's MoorMasterâ„¢ automated mooring and vessel charging technologies, editing and writing articles for the Stockholm International Water Institute, voicing hard-hitting mocumentaries, or translating emergency media releases, I have a flexible and hard-working pedigree.


You can learn more about my professional background - the multi-brand store, the NGO, the peace research institute, the clothing brand, the news wire, the marketing agency, and the radio station - on my LinkedIn profile.


If you'd like to discuss a potential project, you can reach me on +46 73 675 59 76, or


On something called "Facebook", you'll find regular updates on client projects; and if you tweet, you can catch up with me @NickChips.


If you're in Stockholm, you'd be welcome to pop in for an impromtu meeting at my offices at GT30.